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Tonight, you’ll get your first look at Mack Wilds in The Breaks on VH1. The movie focuses on hip-hop in the ’90s, and it’s a real throwback to what many consider the golden era.

Mack plays DJ DeeVee, who is struggling to make music without his father’s approval. His dad is played by the legendary Method Man, who ironically sees no future in that hip-hop thing – go figure. Things aren’t going great for DeeVee until he meets a thug rapper by the name of Ahm, played by Antoine Harris.

Ahm is battling between his street life and his talent, but after he bumps into DeeVee, he has to make some serious life decisions going forward.

The TV movie also focuses on the story of Nikki, played by newcomer Afton Williamson, who turned down a scholarship at a great school in order to work in the music industry after she was promised a job by Barry Fouray (Wood Harris). She has to fight for everything she earns along with her boyfriend David … until they get their big break.

I had the chance to talk to these four individuals and get the 411 on their characters, their thoughts on hip-hop, why one of them studied serial killers, and much more. Check out our interview above and watch The Breaks on VH1 at 9 p.m.

Plus, find out more about the excellent soundtrack here.

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