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The saga continues between rapper Future and his former-fiancée Ciara.

The two — who at one point were definitely every trap star’s relationship goals — split over a year ago, and since then, have been in the center of celebrity relationship drama.

If you can remember, drama between the two began when Ciara spoke out regarding the reason for her split with Future. She claims Future broke up with her after she found out about him cheating on her. Then, things really got heated when Ciara and current-boyfriend Russell Wilson were photographed together at Russell’s training camp. The issue: Russell was a little “too comfortable” with baby Future — many criticized him for being that close with a child who wasn’t his own.

But on Tuesday, Future (the rapper, not the baby) apparently had enough. In a series of tweets the Atlanta-based star vented about his and the singer’s relationship problems.

He said:

After Future’s rant, however, a source close to Ciara has decided to stick up for the Grammy-awarded singer and clear the air.

The source told PEOPLE the claims are absolutely untrue, adding, “Ciara has said that Future uses the situation to promote his music by staying in the press using her name.”

“He does not nor has he ever paid $15,000 in child support. It’s just not true,” the source says.5 “Ciara has never prevented him from seeing his child.

The source went on to add, “He is jealous she has moved on and is happy. He is unable to move on and co-parent in a healthy way. Future has told her he hopes she fails in everything she does and that’s just being evil.

Neither party’s reps have commented on the situation, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Ciara decides to personally clap back on Twitter.


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