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When Drake needs a break from making Views From The 6, he plays a quick game of ping-pong.

It was quite a year for Drake. Not only did the Toronto native release two fire mixtapes, but he also successfully defeated Meek Mill in the year’s biggest rap battle.

Despite all the hype and drama surrounding everything Drake did in 2015, one thing he’s been focused on is finishing his highly anticipated album, Views From The 6.

Last night, Drizzy posted a video of himself taking a “break” from recording the LP. What does Drake like to do to decompress? Play a spirited game of ping-pong, duh.

Drake and his hometown homie Jet Bent-Lee played a nice game, and Drizzy exhibited his two-hand backhand skills. We should also note, the “Jumpman” rapper even did a spin move.

Still no word on when Views From The 6 will be released, but the rumor mill is reporting it’ll be sooner than we think.

SOURCE: Instagram

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