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Another year has passed, and we still don’t have any new music from Frank Ocean.

It’s been four years since Frank released his critically acclaimed debut album channel ORANGE, and we haven’t heard from the Odd Future crooner since.

2015 was set to be the year Frank Ocean made his big return, but all we got was more questions. However, it’s looking like Frank may return sooner than we think, but not with who we think. Forget a big comeback with Kanye or Jay Z, Frank may be working on a collaboration with Atlanta newcomer and frequent Migos collaborator Rich The Kid.

Yeah, we know it’s kind of random, but this collab could be absolutely genius.

Rich The Kid posted a picture of a FaceTime conversation he was having with Frank on Twitter. He has since deleted the tweet, but you know you can’t really delete anything on the “internets.”

Hopefully we’ll be hearing from Frank (and Rich) soon.


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