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“Farrah, what’s good?!”

Sundays are great days to relax with a glass of wine and binge watch your favorite TV shows. Our girl Nicki Minaj was probably catching up on Teen Mom episodes when she tweeted:

Farrah’s gross treatment of her mother is pretty common observation among reality TV show watchers, but Farrah felt offended by Nicki’s comments nonetheless.

Nicki responded and called her a big “c*nt.” Yikes.

But Farrah didn’t bow out just yet. She replied:

Then Nicki ended her with:

But not before Farrah dropped a tasteless and subtle shot at Nicki’s family. In case you missed it, Nicki’s brother is facing legal trouble after being accused of rape.

Farrah may want to chill before Nicki and her Barbz really go off.

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