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A week ago, the world’s most-famous escaped convict’s — El Chapo — “vacation” was abruptly ended when police raided his hideaway home and captured him as he attempted to flee.

Joaquín Guzmán Loera is a high-profile Mexican drug lord who is said to be responsible for dozens of murders and kidnappings.

In a video released Monday evening, viewers can see the Mexican marine’s entering El Chapo’s home in Los Mochis, a coastal town in the state of Sinaloa. The chaotic 15-minute video, was obtained by the Mexican media network, Televisa, and shows a chaotic scene of rapid gunfire and grenade throwing, along with ferocious yelling and screaming of unidentified voices.

They got me, they got me,” you can hear one injured person decrying in the video. CNN reported the injured victim was a member of the Mexican military.

The marines involved in the raid were wearing GoPros when the video was shot around 4:30 a.m. on Friday. You can see the military savagely ripping up and tearing through the apartment, looking for the wanted drug lord.

El Chapo, however, was not found in the house. Instead, the escaped felon was able to slip away through a tunnel in the kitchen, which the military did not find until 90 minutes after the raid.

Upon discovering the tunnel, the Mexican military was able to apprehend Guzmán after finding him in a stolen car.

On Sunday night, the Mexican government began preparing the necessary process in order to send the suspect to the United States where he faces multiple drug charges.

The government says, El Chapo’s trail was uncovered due to his contact with actors and producers in an effort to have his story depicted in a film.

SOURCE: The New York Times 

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