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DJ Khaled is the best rapper out right now, and he doesn’t even rap. And the key is, they don’t want that to make sense.

At least the White House gets it. Their first Snapchat sent out earlier today read “Major key: get some rest before the big day.”

“The key” of course is a reference to the best Snapchatter out right now, DJ Khaled. Since joining the video messaging app, we’ve seen Khaled get lost at sea on his jet ski off the coast of Miami, profess his love for Dove deodorant, and share his abhorrence for cologne – because cocoa butter lotion is key.

Basically, everything DJ Khaled says is a key to success, and the White House took note when referencing President Obama getting some R&R before he delivers his final State of the Union tonight.

How long before DJ Khaled announces his bid for presidency? And can he beat Kanye West in the primaries? These are the important questions America needs answers to.

SOURCE: Washington Post, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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