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Locked and loaded.. Another bullet in the chamber… #TDE @justsza

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Apparently, SZA and her team loves to tease her fans. A member of the artist’s team posted a snippet of her new video and single with the caption, “Locked and loaded.. Another bullet in the chamber.. #TDE” and of course, the Internet is freaking out. Watch the clip above.

A month after her surprise release of the album, ARDIPITHECUS, Willow blesses her fans with another soulful single. Listen to the hit “TnGwee#3” featuring Tyler Cole up top. [Complex]

Check out TK-N-Cash‘s new video for smash hit “3 X IN A ROW.” The duo will be joining 300 Entertainment’s other rising acts, Rich The Kid, Tate Kobang, T-Wayne, & Rejje Snow, on the Young Hustle Tour, starting in January. There will also be an open spot for one aspiring artist to open the concert in each city. Enter the contest here.

Midwestern newcomer Sabatahj tapped in to the traditional ’80s funk groove with his new single “Old Skoo.” With Roger Troutman-inspired talk-box melodies and sensual southern finesse, the song is a slow ride, retro-futuristic tale about a man trying to convince his lady friend into taking a joyride.

This is sure to add fuel to your Making A Murderer obsession. Brendan Dassey’s half-brother Brad, wrote and recorded a song called “They Didn’t Do It,” and yes, it is as bizarre as it sounds. Listen for yourself above.  [Vulture]

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