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With #JanetHubert trending nationwide right now for her clap back at Jada Pinkett-Smith’s boycott Oscars video, we thought it was only appropriate to go through our favorite Aunt Viv moments to relive the glory days.

Let the ’90s nostalgia run right through you, and remember the better times before the Will Smith vs. first Aunt Viv wars:

1.When She Danced Her Ass Off And We Were Like, Kill It Aunt Viv!

2. When She Plays Mom To A Bunch Of Young Thugs In Compton

3.When She Swings Her Hair Back And Forth Singing “Rolling” By Tina Turner

4.When She Wasn’t Here For Hilary’s Boyfriend, “Ice Tray”

5. When Aunt Viv Was Pregnant, Forever

6.When Aunt Viv Defends Carlton And Will Against The Police

7. When Aunt Viv Talks About How Her Struggles Influenced Her Future

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