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The case of so-called “Affluenza Teen” Ethan Couch has taken a new turn since he and his mother’s capture in Mexico last month. Attorneys for the family are investigating whether or not Tonya Couch influenced her son to flee Texas, while he was still under probation for the fatal 2013 crash that killed four people.

CNN reports:

In court Tuesday morning, Couch’s attorney Scott Brown argued the hearing to transfer the case to adult court shouldn’t be allowed to proceed because there was no proof that Couch “voluntarily absented himself” from being at the hearing.

When asked by CNN whether Couch, the so-called “affluenza” teenager, was taken against his will to Mexico, Brown replied, “I don’t think that’s what I said. As far as Ethan being taken against his will, we are examining the facts, investigating the facts.


Before heading to Mexico with his mother, Couch was on probation in Texas for killing four people in a 2013 drunken-driving accident when he was 16. In mid-December, a warrant was issued for Couch, who’s now 18, to be taken into custody after his probation officer couldn’t reach him.

Couch and his mother were captured in Puerto Vallarto, Mexico in December when a manhunt was launched after video surfaced of the teen allegedly drinking at a party thus violating the terms of his probation.

Couch is currently being held in a Mexican immigration detention center and may be transferred to Texas although Couch’s Mexican lawyers are moving to drop resistance to deportation.


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