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The #Oscarssowhite movement gained major traction over the past few days with celebrities like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Janet Hubert weighing in on the controversy.

And from the #Oscarssowhite movement spurred #BoycotttheOscars with one of its alleged leaders being Mr. Do The Right Thing himself, Spike Lee.

It turns out, however, although Spike has some very strong feelings about the Oscars and its lack of diversity, he never intended to boycott the program.

Spike told Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos, “Here’s the thing. I have never used the word boycott. All I said was my beautiful wife Tanya, we’re not coming. That’s it, and I gave the reasons. I never used the word boycott.

The honorary Oscar winner added, “It’s like, do you. I’m not going. My wife’s not going. Everyone else can do what they want to do.

But just because Spike will be at the Knicks game in Madison Square Garden during the award show, he still believes the Oscars need to change. He just knows it doesn’t start with the actors.

Spike believes there needs to be more minorities in higher-up positions who have the ability to decide what is being displayed on the screen.

The director told the GMA host, “This whole Academy thing is a misdirection play. We’re chasing a guy down the field, he doesn’t even have the ball. The other guy’s high-stepping in the end zone. It goes further than the Academy Awards. It has to go back to the gatekeepers,” Lee said. “We’re not in the room. The executives when they have these greenlight meetings quarterly, they look at the scripts and see who’s in it and decide what we’re making and what we’re not making.

And in regards to the many people suggesting Chris Rock step down as host of the show this year, Spike added, “Chris Rock is a grown-ass man. He can do what he wants to do, and I support either way.


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