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After releasing the handwritten tracklist for SWISH Sunday night, Kanye West fans all over the world have been freaking out. The tracklist includes 10 songs ranging from “No More Parties In LA” to “Wolves” featuring Sia and Vic Mensa — and an added note from Kylie Jenner letting us know she “was here.”

But one fan, and musical peer, is all too familiar with Kanye’s antics.

Queens native and collaborator on many of Kanye’s classic hits, Consequence, posted what many fans — Consequence included — would deem as a “collectors item.”

The rapper posted a very old, and very original, handwritten tracklist of one of Kanye’s early bodies of work: The College Dropout. 

The list includes songs that made it to the album, including: “Jesus Walks” and “Two Words.” Consequence even put a few spark notes in the caption for those who may not be extremely familiar with all of the song titles.

He wrote, “This is the first handwritten tracklisting of ‘The College Dropout’ by Kanye from around I think 03′ ’18 Years’ would later go on to become ‘Gold Digger’ and ‘Good, Bad, Ugly’ was swapped for ‘Spaceship’ and later used on #DayJob.”

At least now we know Kanye is a fan of keeping tradition.


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