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Kanye West is the king of random. His tweets have no rhyme or rhythm, but they’re still undeniably pretty awesome.

Kanye isn’t afraid to let you know how he feels about anything. If North West buys a gazillion in-app purchases on the iPad, he’s going to flip. Not to mention, he likes to share photos of his wife’s body on the regular, as well as his quirks and lessons about business and life.

This week, we got some great Twitter trolls like Taqee and Q from the Word Of Mouth Podcast, as well as Cleverly Chloe, and Shenae Curry back again. MTV2’s Kerry Coddett and Cassie join us, as well as influencer Dani, and VH1’s Black Ink Crew member Walt. Check out this week’s Socially Decoded above.

Every Time North West Channeled Kanye West
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