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Ride the wave.

It’s been quite a week for Mr. Wavie Crocket. Despite being locked up, the Harlem rapper has been a trending topic all over the ‘net.

After Kanye announced he was changing the name of his SWISH album to Waves, all hell broke loose. Many people accused the Chicago rapper of “stealing” Max B’s “wave,” one of those people being Kanye’s ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

After a nasty Twitter battle over waviness, cool pants, baby mamas, and “owning children,” Max B’s DJ Scoob Doo decided to jump on the opportunity to promote Max’s forthcoming documentary.

Coincidentally (or not), Max’s Waves documentary will drop on February 11. Yes, the same day as Kanye’s Waves album.

Watch a sneak peek of Max’s forthcoming documentary up top.

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