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In the age of social media, there’s one thing we all do…Stalk.

As bad as that sounds, there’s really no need to be ashamed of it anymore. Sure, it’d be nice if you found something better to do with your time. But whether it’s your crush or your ex, or your former lover’s newest interest, creeping on someone else’s page has basically become common practice.

So much so, there are certain thoughts that have definitely crossed all of our minds during a stalking sesh.

Kanye ain’t the only one.

Let’s face it, we all do a little social media stalking.

And it’s even better when you can do it with a friend.

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When your ex posts their new bae.

And you realize you look way better.

“Why TF does she post 5 selfies per day?”

When you go looking for “something” and actually find it.

Stalking your crush’s page and realizing you should stop, but…

“That meme DOES NOT apply to you.”

“Hold up – was that post directed towards me?”

The mini heart-attack when you accidentally double-tap a picture from 147 weeks ago.

“How am I going to explain this?”

The relief when you realize it was just a false alarm.

“Let me stop before that happens again.”

“I wonder who stalks my social media?”


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