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In Feb. 2015, Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a car crash that lead to Kim Howe’s tragic death.

Almost a year later, Jenner and Howe’s stepchildren who filed the lawsuit against her, have settled the case — the children dismissed the suit. The news was confirmed to AP on Thursday by Jenner’s attorney, Phillip Boesch Jr.

Howe’s stepchildren, Dana Redman and William Howe, sued Jenner shortly after the accident, attributing negligence as the cause of the crash.

According to authorities, the accident occurred on the Pacific Coast Highway when Howe’s Lexus rear-ended a Toyota Prius driven by a women identified as Jessica Steindorff. Howe rear-ended Steindorff caused a snowball affect and Jenner rear-ended Howe’s car. Jenner hitting Howe led to her car drifting into oncoming traffic where it was hit by a Hummer. Howe was pronounced dead at the scene.

In September, although the children claimed Jenner was negligent, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office decided not to file vehicular manslaughter charges against Jenner. And, upon further investigation, the sheriff’s office concluded that Jenner’s conduct could not be proven “unreasonable,” and the case was rejected accordingly.

There is no word yet the amount, if any, Jenner settled on with the Howe family.

Although Jenner’s lawsuit from Howe’s family was dismissed, she’s still facing a suit from Steindorff’s family.

SOURCE: Variety 

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