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Kanye West wants the world to know that he never let Amber Rose play in his ass.

The Waves rapper started a war when he sent several tweets to Wiz Khalifa on Wednesday, ranging from Wiz wears nice pants, to the kicker: claiming he “owns” the rapper’s son with Amber Rose. ‘Ye deleted those tweets after Amber jumped into the Twitter beef with a crazy comeback:

Well, Yeezy addressed the situation last night:

We can’t imagine Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian ever being best friends, but we would definitely buy that “movie” if it existed. Just as long as everyone’s Twitter fingers stay where they belong.

Amber has been doing a ton of podcasts about Ye’s slut-shaming, including Allegedly and most recently, #GuysWeFucked, in which she admits that the men she’s slept with in the past are scared of her.

Anyway, thanks for the update, ‘Ye.

SOURCE: Instagram, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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