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Beyoncé is facing major heat after the premiere of Coldplay‘s newest video “Hymn for the Weekend” hit the Internet.

Fans are claiming the Houston native culturally appropriated the Indian women of the Desi culture.

By definition, cultural appropriation means an act or instance of taking someone else’s culture especially illegally or unfairly — and many believe Beyoncé did just that.

The video was shot in India, and while the members of Coldplay weren’t dressed up in native wear of the country, Beyoncé is seen wearing traditional Desi clothing along with portraying the role of a Bollywood actress.

Many people expressed their outrage on Twitter:

While others, however, supported the video and her get up:

The video has sparked a lot of Twitter and social media conversations about the difference between appropriation and appreciation, but the star has yet to comment on the situation.

SOURCE: Independent | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 

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