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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a cover this hot.

Tinashe is spilling the tea on her new Complex cover. Literally. Posing in a tall glass beverage, the 22-year-old flaunts her flawless body in an underwear set by Moschino. And it only gets better from here. Let’s admire:

Has she ever looked better? Thank you, Tinashe. Peep more images from the spread below.

Inside the cover story, entitled “A Room Of One’s Own,” Tinashe opens up about insecurities and the pressure she feels to produce dope material on her sophomore album, Joyride. Oh, and did you know she’s still living at home with her parents? Here are some of the highlights:

On facing rejection:

“Nobody wanted to fuck with me. As far as the guys go, nobody wanted to like me or date me. They’d talk to me in secret and then at school they’d ignore me. Literally ignore me to my face. And psychologically that messes with you. It makes you feel that you must be genuinely unattractive if this person doesn’t want anyone to know that you even talk. That’s bad.”

On her insecurities:

“When I was in middle school and everybody didn’t like me. I’d wonder, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ Because it’s hard not to feel like it’s a reflection of what I’m doing wrong. You have to try to remember that that’s not always the case. That it’s not always a reflection on you. It’s a hard lesson to learn. But I think an important lesson to learn because it carries over into a lot of things in life and career. How sometimes I’ll doubt myself, and wonder why some people can seemingly get more success. It’s the same thing. It’s not always just about me, or something I’m doing.”

On the pressure to succeed:

“I have no Plan B,” she says. “I’ve set this up so that my entire life is based on this, and if this fails I have nothing else. No career options. No life options. I’ve sacrificed so much for this; failure is so beyond an option. There can only be setbacks. It’ll eventually work because it can’t not work.”

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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