They don’t want you to be the most entertaining person on Snapchat.

In need of some extra motivation to get through work or school today? Look no further than the most inspirational human alive, DJ Khaled. The rapper has been dropping major keys since his arrival on Snapchat, and it’s been proven that if you let Khaled steer you on your journey to success, you won’t get lost along the way on your jet ski.

Lyft designer Patrick Wong has taken all of Khaled’s Snapchat speeches and put them into a Loren Ipsum text generator. Loren Ipsum is meaningless text that graphic designers use as placeholders until it is eventually replaced by content. Wong’s Khaled Ipsum takes Khaled’s words of wisdom on cocoa butter and the importance of getting a weekly massage and gives them another use. The Miami native’s words can be used to encourage you, or just help set up your next web design project.

Either way, feel free to take this journey with him by clicking here. Lion!

SOURCE: The Verge | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter