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Aren’t you sick of the idea of “classic” beauty?

A new documentary series is working to tackle the stigmas often placed upon Black women in today’s society. Regardless of your skin tone or hair texture, Black is beautiful. While many choose to tear women down based on their appearance, it’s important to reinforce the idea of self-love.

Produced by Coal Crown Creative, “Classically Beautiful: The Discussion” features interviews with Black women of differing appearances, ages, and backgrounds discussing what it means to be “classically beautiful.”

Following the first episode filmed in New York, the series’ second episode was filmed in Newark, New Jersey and released on YouTube on January 27. In the 16-minute video hosted by poet Jasmine Mans, one woman proclaimed:

“We’re fighters. Black women are fighters. We’re defenders, we defend our own and we protect our own.”

Another shared this gem, which is something that all women should hear:

“I always thought that I had to have a partner to be validated. But it wasn’t until I separated myself and just became an individual without a man to feel validated, that was my classic moment.”

Watch the full documentary above and prepare to feel inspired.

SOURCE: Huffington Post 

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