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Jada Pinkett Smith is doing everything she can to advance people of color forward. She was most recently spotted in Flint, Mich., where she met with the mayor regarding the water crisis poisoning a community and its children.

While there, the TMZ cameras caught up with Jada, and she let it be known that while she and Will won’t attend the (very White) Oscars, they aren’t holding anything against anyone else who plans to go.

She also dropped a jewel for the Academy, letting them know that just because you allow more Black voters in, doesn’t mean they are going to automatically vote Black. Voting on merit requires us to get to know each other, she said, adding that, “If we are having awards shows, we have to make sure we are committed to being inclusive to everything.”

Tell ’em, Jada.


Black Hollywood Reacts To Trending #OscarsSoWhite & Jada Pinkett Smith’s Call To Boycott The Academy Awards
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