You don’t see this every day.

Stunned. That’s how a mom from Manchester, England described her reaction upon giving birth to twin girls of differing skin tones. Twenty-year-old Hannah Yarker now has one Black daughter and one White daughter with her husband, Kyle Armstrong.

Ten-month-old Anaya is the spitting image of Hannah, while the other daughter, Myla, takes after her mixed-race father. Not surprisingly, Hannah said the twins turn heads everywhere they go:

“I can’t walk down the aisle at the supermarket without getting stopped. People always comment, ‘Are they both yours?’, ‘are they sisters’, ‘are they related?’”

The odds of giving birth to twins with different skin colors are about 1 in 500, so Anaya and Myla are pretty special. Plus, how adorable are they?

SOURCE: Buzzfeed, | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter