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Stepping into Madison Square Garden around 3pm on Thursday was similar to stepping into a sea of Supreme, Bape, and Yeezy Boosts. Although there was virtually no wait to reach your seat, the merch line was already twisting and wrapping around corners. This could only mean one thing: Kanye’s back.

And he’s got another hit on his hands. As ‘Ye began to play The Life of Pablo for the very first time, he couldn’t help but to crack a full-blown smile as he got hype to the very tracks he put together. His energy was contagious and the crowd shared in his excitement, vibing to the beat with every track and offering a few laughs at lines such as “Blac Chyna f*cking Rob, help him with the weight.

After years of being portrayed as a frustrated talent who occasionally let out his anger on the paparazzi, Taylor Swift, or most recently Wiz Khalifa, Kanye has come into his own as a father and husband and it’s showing through in his work. First-listen reviews of TLOP have been largely positive. As the first track, “Ultra Light Beams,” came to an end, Yeezy Season 3 was unveiled.

While Seasons 1 & 2 largely stuck to a neutral color palette, Season 3 features splashes of red, orange, and lime-green. Another example of ‘Ye’s evolution as a designer and possibly the result of gaining more creative freedom in his partnership with adidas. One scene that wasn’t caught on live-stream was when Kanye momentarily spazzed on a member of the MSG crew. Oh, and then there was the moment when he encouraged the crowd to chant “Fuck Nike.” Kanye’s still gonna Kanye.

But these moments couldn’t overshadow the feeling that I was in the presence of greatness. Whether you love him or hate him, you just can not deny the talent of Kanye West. I mean, he’s earned himself a spot in the conversation of music’s greatest, and his fashion show just sold out Madison Square Garden. To quote ‘Ye himself- don’t act like that’s regular.

Most of all, I appreciate ‘Ye not just for the product and material he pours his heart into, but for the experiences he provides a long with them. The Glow in the Dark Tour was a experience. The Yeezus Tour was an experience. 808s & Heartbreaks was an experienceYeezy Season 3 was just that as well.

As I made my way out of MSG, I left with even more respect for Kanye West- as an artist, a creative, and yes, a fashion designer.



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