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After Rihanna’s rap confirmed that the West Indian singer had to cancel her Grammys performance due to being under the weather, the star took to Twitter to apologize to fans.

She tweeted, “#NAVY so sorry I couldn’t be there…. Thanks Grammys and CBS for your support tonight.” 

The Grammy Twitter page also wished Rihanna a speedy recovery:

Updated: February 15, 2016, 11 PM EST

After rumors swirled that Rihanna cancelled her Grammys performance, her rep confirmed that the star did indeed cancel her set for this year’s award show.

In an exclusive statement to JustJared, Rihanna‘s rep said, “Based on Rihanna‘s examination, after Grammy rehearsal today, Rihanna‘s doctor put her on vocal rest for 48-hours because she was at risk of hemorrhaging her vocal chords. The antibiotics she has been on for 3-days did not kill the infection adequately therefore she cannot perform safely.”

Apparently, Rihanna came down with Bronchitis, and despite her showing up to rehearsals a few hours prior, the singer was too sick to perform.

Her cancellation is a disappointment as many fans were eager to see her perform some of her new music off the recently released album ANTi. 

Allegedly, Rihanna was going to perform “Kiss Me Better.”

Due to the cancellation, however, fans will have to wait until she goes on tour later this year.


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