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Watch out Kim K.Kendall and Kylie Jenner just launched a mobile game of their own.

Taking a page out of their big sister’s book, the famed daughters of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner bring us Kendall & Kylie, a mobile video game that allows you (the new kid on the block) to climb the ranks in Santa Monica and – of course – look good doing it.

From Teen Vogue:

Here’s the premise: you’re the new kid in Santa Monica — no friends, no job, just an iPhone and a tiny apartment. Once you complete social media challenges, expand your professional contact list, get hired, and impress your boss, you build your reputation and embark on adventures throughout California. 

Of course, you befriend Kendall and Kylie along the way, and get a taste of their ultra-chic lifestyle as they guide you toward success in your career. While the sisters are characters in the game, there are also subtle nods to their style – when you customize your avatar, you can dye your hair vibrant shades of aqua, pink, and violet like Kylie, and nab Kendall’s signature tomboy look. Oh, and Kylie’s dog Norman makes an appearance, too. The Jenner girls stayed true to their digital roots by incorporating social media stardom into the game’s objective. Each time you do something cool, you can post a selfie and gain followers within the virtual world’s social media feed, and as you post more content, you can unlock exclusive messages from Kendall and Kylie, gain likes and followers, and move up in SoCal society.

Head over to Google Play or the App Store to try your luck in Kendall and Kylie’s world. Sisters that game together, stay together.

SOURCE: Teen Vogue | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash News 

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