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Blac Chyna is sick of Kylie Jenner stealing things she considers hers.

Yesterday, Kylie celebrated the debut of her new show Cooking With Kylie, which premiered on her paid app. But the problem is, Blac Chyna also has an Instagram account called Cooking With Chyna that she’s been promoting for 11 weeks.

Chyna was a little pissed at the name of Kylie’s show and posted a comment on her page, saying “Bye Bitch.”

While cooking shows aren’t exactly a new or exclusive thing on the internet (we have our very own called #MealsWithMisha), it does look like Kylie swiped Chyna’s name.

Still, this didn’t stop Tyga from chiming in and coming to his girl’s rescue with a video saying that in 2016, nothing is original and people need to stop acting like they invented everything out here.

It seems like if Kylie would have called her show something else, no one would have been upset. Easter dinner at the Jenners is going to be interesting if Rob decides to bring his girlfriend

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