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Don’t know how Kanye West does it, but he’s good at multitasking.

Shortly after blasting producer Bob Ezrin on Twitter, Kanye made a surprise appearance at Yo Gotti’s listening session at 1OAK in Los Angeles last night.

While fans and industry insiders waited for Yo Gotti to arrive, Kanye decided to turn up his aux cord swag and entertain the crowd for a few minutes. Similar to his listening session at Madison Square Garden, Kanye plugged up his laptop and debuted a never-before-heard song featuring UK crooner Sampha. 

From what we can hear, the seven-minute track features samples from Jay Z’s “Where I’m From” and verses addressing his Twitter rants.

“People tryna say I’m going crazy on Twitter/My friend’s best advice was to stay low,” Kanye raps. He also had some illuminating things to say about TIDAL:

Oh, and Taylor Swift being a “liar.”

The song is reportedly titled “Closest Thing To Einstein,” but that information hasn’t been confirmed. What is confirmed is that we’re supposed to be receiving a “final” deluxe version of The Life Of Pablo sometime soon.

SOURCE: Twitter, Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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