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And so it begins.

The main concern voiced by Apple CEO Tim Cook in the battle against the U.S. government is that creating a back door to unlock one iPhone is essentially a slippery slope. Now, in addition to the smartphone of deceased San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook, the FBI is demanding that Apple unlock nine additional iPhones.

According to a letter written by one of Apple’s lawyers, the tech giant is fighting the Feds in at least seven of the nine cases. On Tuesday, a law enforcement official defended their requests, saying, “No one should be surprised that we’re investigating other cases and looking for assistance in those other cases.

Yesterday, Bill Gates stepped into the debate, claiming that Apple was “mischaracterizing” the security risks. He then disputed reports that he was siding with the Feds against Apple.

It’s beginning to look like both Apple and the U.S. government are settling into this feud for the long haul.

SOURCE: New York Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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