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Facebook has just unveiled a major upgrade to its signature “Like” button.

Sorry, it’s not quite the long-awaited “Dislike” button, but it’s bound to make your timeline more interesting. After months of testing overseas, today Facebook releases the Reactions feature. By long-pressing or hovering over the “like” button, users can now choose from five emoticons.

The options include “love,” “angry,” “wow,” “haha,” “sad,” and of course, “like.” The process to develop the feature began one year ago, with the goal to offer users an opportunity to engage in feedback quickly and easily on their mobile devices.

Although the emoticons include minor differences, they’re visually similar to that of emojis. Missing from the list is “Yay,” an eyes-closed smiley, which was scrapped when users failed to grasp its meaning, Wired reports.

Although it appears like one step closer to the implementation of a “dislike,” back in September, CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared to back away from that, saying it runs the risk of turning Facebook into a place where posts are voted up or down.


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