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Idris Elba is doing voice-over work in Disney’s latest animation movie Zootopia, which is in theaters everywhere March 4th.

Idris gives life to Bogo, the Chief of Police in this all-animal world and a no-nonsense leader of the ZPD, who doesn’t take crap from anyone.

The Golden Globe Award-winning actor explains how he crafted the voice for his character.

“Zootopia is a comedy. I love putting on silly voices and with Bogo I didn’t have to put on a silly voice, but I really did have to give him some depth.”

In order to make Bogo, the production supervisors did a ton of research – not only to figure out how to make normally four-legged animals look natural walking on two legs, but to incorporate the real-life characteristics of these animals into their animated counterparts.

Bogo is a Cape buffalo, which just so happens to be one of the scariest, most deadly animals in Africa. They have a very bad temper and if you get close they will stare you down, as a way to intimidate their intruder. This is one of the traits producers were sure to include for Bogo, and you can see a bit of it when he’s caught checking out Gazelle, the hottest pop star in the Zootopian world.

Check out the clip above. Zootopia is in theaters March 4th.