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This is what happens when #MogulTalk turns into a #MajorKey announcement.

The past six months have been crazy for DJ Khaled, and things have just gotten crazier. The Miami-based super producer just announced that Jay Z is now his manager via Roc Nation management.

Khaled shared a video of his exchange with Jay, which features the mogul giving Khaled the very last original Roc-a-Fella chain.

Before handing over the diamond-encrusted cold chain, Hov briefs Khaled on the importance of receiving this particular chain: “I don’t own an original one. At all. Zero. This is my last one. This is my one that I put in the corner. I don’t own another one.”

It’s only been a few weeks since DJ Khaled announced his deal with Apple Music, but we’re wondering if the Miami mogul will fulfill the deal since his new manager is the owner of Apple Music’s competitor.

Watch the exchange between Khaled and Jay Z up top.

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