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We all know the justice system is conspiring to sink its vicious teeth into innocent young Black men. But the proof is always more astounding when it comes from White allies who witness first-hand how corrupt law enforcement can be.

Former computer scientist-turned-criminal defense attorney Greg Doucette let his Twitter followers in on one of his cases that had him heated – only a needle in the haystack of daily cases, in which the court system fails young black men. Take a look at what he had to say.

Though there were clearly no skid marks that proved the 17 year old was “doing donuts in [the] street,” that’s the story the responding officer told anyway.

Doucette was beyond disgusted that a young boy trying not to hit a cat could be brought in to court to spend money on defending his innocence for no good reason at all. In 2016, driving while Black is still a crime in America.

Read Doucette’s mind-boggling story in full over at VIBE. The worst part is, the police officer will face no consequences.

Source: VIBE | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter 

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