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It’s been nearly six years since Allen Iverson‘s last game as a professional basketball player. Still, the notorious style rebel can’t get over that damn dress code.

During his time in the NBA, the Answer famously wore oversized clothing, dubbed as “thuggish,” that inspired commissioner David Stern to implement a dress code in 2005. Eleven years later, AI recalls it all in a rare interview with Complex.

“…the way that I feel about the dress code is, if they had a problem with what I was wearing, I don’t know how they don’t have a problem with what these guys are wearing. Good gracious. I ain’t ever see nothing like it. I’m sitting at home like they used to bother me about what I was wearing and these guys come in here…. [Shakes head.] You know what I’m saying? Definitely. It’s funny to me. But, I just felt the NBA was just picking on me. That’s all. Other guys in the league at the time dressed like me. Guys is supposed to be able to be original and dress like how they want to dress. The NBA can’t dress no grown man.”

Although he’s not personally a fan of today’s trends, he goes on to say that individuality is what matters most.

I have no problem with none of the things that players wear today. I wouldn’t wear it. I don’t have any problems with what these guys wear because they got their own style and their own originality. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, man. Everybody is their own person. ”

Also in the interview, Iverson shares his thoughts on “White Iverson,” recalls a tipsy game of H.O.R.S.E. with Nelly, and reflects on his career that, albeit legendary, did not end in a championship.

Check out the highlights below.

On Post Malone’s “White Iverson:”

“I want to meet him. He did an awesome job. I was just telling my friend on the way over here that when we get in the car, we hear [‘White Iverson’] at least like 10 times a day. It definitely gets a lot of record play around here. And it’s just an honor for him to make a song with my name in it.”

On losing to Nelly in H.O.R.S.E:

“I remember one night we went to Jermaine Dupri’s studio and I had been drinking before I got there. We went into the gym and he beat my ass. Then he went on 106 and Park and bragged about it. So the next time we played, I made sure that I came prepared. I hadn’t drunk anything and beat his ass. And during that game he was saying, ‘You need to get him a couple drinks.’ I told him, ‘Nah. Not today. You ain’t going to brag on this one.'”

On not winning a championship:

“I don’t lose sleep over not winning a championship. I hold my head high and understand it just wasn’t meant for me.”

For the full interview, click here.

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

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