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There’s only one person who can steal the spotlight from Steph Curry at his own game.

Last night, the Golden State Warriors took on the OKC Thunder with a very special guest in the crowd. Arriving to the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Prince did a royal strut to his courtside seats like he owned the place. Fortunately for us, the amusing sight was captured on Vine loops that have now been replayed on all of our timelines.

Wearing a metallic blue ensemble accessorized with a dazzling cane, the legend concealed his eyes behind a pair of sunglasses and embraced his natural ‘fro.

It’s a shame that this reclusive star is rarely spotted, because he’s basically a GIF jackpot.

In a rematch of Dave Chappelle‘s memorable “Shirts vs. Blouses” sketch, it looks like the game goes to blouses yet again.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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