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Rapper and self-proclaimed hustler Cam’ron announced today that he is collaborating with Reebok on a new special edition sneaker called “Purple Haze” – an ode to his classic 2004 LP Purple Haze. The Harlem rapper confirmed that the finishing touches are being put on the shoe – a bright purple sneaker with a pink insole.

Rare as it is for a non-athlete to land their own shoe deal, this is a major moment for the Dipset frontman. In fact, 2016 is shaping up to be a big year from Killa Cam. In addition to the sneaker deal, Cam’ron is set to release his his final album, Purple Haze 2. He’s also got a hilarious new web series called Giles Investigation where he reconnects with old characters in the hood from his drug dealing days.

The “Purple Haze” shoe is set to drop (of course) on 4/20.

SOURCE: The Fader | Image: Getty