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Drag-On is making his comeback with a fresh new single called “Rayful Edmond.”

We first heard him back in 1999 shining on the Swizz Beatz track “Down Bottom,” where he went “hoe for hoe, toe to toe, blow for blow” with every rapper on the now-classic track. We haven’t heard from Drag in a while, but now he’s back with this new record, released from his indie label Hood Environment.

On the bounce track, he raps, “You ain’t heard Drag in a minute. Bet you cowards thought that nigga Drag finished, but I got a name, hammer all in the Prada thing.”

The song is exactly what you would want from Drag-On: fast paced, fun and aggressive. It’s also a great way to start your day if you wake up in the morning feeling like some money.

Purchase the track on iTunes or you can get it from CDBaby by clicking here, or catch it being played by DJ Clue on Power 105.1.

SOURCE: Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Hood Environment 

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