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The OJ Simpson story continues to develop.

In a surprising — and fairly recent — series of events, a knife was uncovered on Simpson’s former estate.

The knife, which was initially given to George Maycott, a retired LAPD motor officer, was uncovered almost 14 years ago by a construction worker who was working on the estate at the time.

The former cop’s lawyer Trent Copeland, says the construction worker, “simply told him, ‘I found this knife, we were digging on the property and this is what we found.’ He didn’t tell him where on the property. He didn’t tell him if it was on the perimeter of the property or under a bush.

What makes the story interesting, however, is that Maycott claims he phoned the LAPD immediately upon receiving the possibly incriminating murder weapon.

Copeland says, “He knew he was making the right call to the right place.

The lawyer adds Maycott talked to a front desk attendant who put him on hold to speak to a supervisor. After waiting on hold for a while, the attendant told him, “We don’t want to have anything to do with this. O.J. Simpson has been acquitted. There is double jeopardy. Even if that knife had blood all over it there is nothing we can do.

It wasn’t until Maycott spoke to a police detective friend that he was asked to relinquish the knife. To which Copeland says, “My client voluntarily gave them a knife.

The knife is currently under investigation, and if proven to the be murder weapon used in the double homicide, it can potentially impact Simpson’s ability to receive parole next year.

However, Simpson’s former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, says, “It probably will be a false alarm. They probably won’t be able to tie it to the case at all and it will go down as another episode of the 20-year-old saga. But if it does prove to be significant that could be something the public has a right to know. History has its claims.


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