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Known for her impeccable style and risky fashion choices, 19-year-old Oakland native Zendaya has found herself at the forefront of empowering women through fashion.

Not only has she offered support to pop singer Kesha, who’s involved in a nasty legal battle with Sony and Dr. Luke over alleged rape allegations, but she’s also positioned herself as a leader in fashion for women of color.

We caught up with Zendaya during her fan meet-and-greet at New York City’s Black Tap to discuss her undeniable influence, empowering women through fashion, and of course, her glorious wig collection.

This is what she had to say.

GlobalGrind: You’re not only a trendsetter in fashion, but hair has been something you’ve championed, which has led to the empowerment of young Black women and women in general to feel more secure in their fashion choices. How many wigs do you have in your collection? And when you wake up in the morning, how do you decide which one you’re going to wear? 

Zendaya: Well, I have a lot of wigs. Here’s the thing, a lot of them I don’t take home. Most of them are with each of my hairstylists and depending on the stylist I’m using at the time, they have an arsenal of wigs for me. Also, my stylist Law (Roach) and I will send over references and they’ll find wigs that are closest to the references. It depends on the red carpet event. When it comes to picking hair, we have ideas and looks that we’ve wanted to try for a long time that we finally get to use and a lot of that is past references. Like for instance, we pull inspiration from Diana Ross, and David Bowie, and Cher. Just iconic moments of the past that we do our own way. We’re very much inspired by nostalgic fashion moments, as well as things we just want to try. Today, I wanted to go blonde. Blonde is for the music. It’s very natural though, it’s not like we plan it too far ahead.

Do any of your wigs have names?

No, they don’t actually. I should actually start naming them, but I speak about them like, “she’s good or I love her.”

Zendaya is currently hard at work on her sophomore album following the success of her new single, “Something New.”


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