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Surprise, surprise: T.I. isn’t a Donald Trump supporter.

After Mac Miller, Chris Brown, and Frank Ocean recently bashed Trump, the King of the South took his turn.

On Instagram, an unfiltered T.I. said, “I say this as non violently but as unapologetically as possible. F-ck you and f-ck what you stand for. No one who supports me will support you.”

That wasn’t all Tip had to say. He also left a lengthy caption that read in part, “I ain’t going for it… Mr Trump, if u beat me u won…but I WILL NOT BE FOOLED!!! I know u got plans for my people that are contrary to OUR BEST INTERESTS.”

T.I. was still frustrated, because a few hours later he also posted this meme, citing how scary it is that Trump has gotten this far in the GOP race for president.

As Donald Trump continues to make progress, expect many more celebrities to take a stand – whether for or against.

SOURCE: Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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