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Instagram is about to adopt the Facebook feature we love to hate.

The social network has revealed that it will soon begin to order your feed based on the images and videos you’re most likely to be interested in. Currently, Instagram conveniently orders posts from newest to oldest, but co-founder Kevin Systrom says this results in users missing 70 percent of the posts in their feeds:

What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible,” he explained to The New York Times.

The ‘Gram will be using machine-learning technology and other signals of interest to determine which posts are most important to you. Relationships between users will also be a factor, with those you regularly interact with appearing higher on the feed.

For now, only a small percentage of users will be testing the new feed. Reports indicate that IG’s interaction rate was down 40 percent last year, so this could be a response to that.

SOURCE: The Verge, Wired, NYTimes | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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