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Tonight Holly Robinson Peete brings her family to the small screen in the premiere episode of their new OWN reality series For Peete’s Sake.

Global Grind was in the building when Holly revealed a sneak peek from the show earlier this week, alongside her husband Rodney Peete and their twins R.J. and Ryan, and we have to say it was the breath of fresh air we all need.

Giving us major “Run’s House meets Black-ish” vibes, the Peetes maintain a fairytale romance in the face of a great deal of adversity – and in the name of change, have allowed the world into their home for a positive example of how to manage it all.

During the screening, Holly and Rodney spoke on R.J. living with autism, representing for people of color, police brutality, and more. Here are a few interesting excerpts:

Holly on preparing her sons for police encounters:

I would just say that, that’s real life and there was absolutely no way in the world we were going to have a show and didn’t address what we really talk about. R.J. has autism. As he’ll tell you, autism does not have him, but we live in a climate right now where we’re raising a young, Black man, young Black men, and there are some realities that we have. So, we role play and in that episode that was teased, we talked very specifically about what you can and cannot do with the police. We live in a mostly White neighborhood and we’ve taken our son to the local police department and we’ve said, ‘Hey this is our son R.J.’ because we’re not trying to have any accidents in the neighborhood. We want to keep that very real because that is what’s going on. 

Rodney on R.J. having autism and his siblings bringing him out of his shell:

The ironic thing is that when we speak to families that have autism in their family, or have an autistic son or daughter, we encourage them to have more kids because the kids… his younger brothers brought out so much in him. They forced him to interact, they forced him to talk, they forced him to say ‘Get out of my room!’ because as babies and as young kids, they didn’t know any better… It was a beautiful thing to see all of them grow up together.

Holly on her daughter Ryan following her example instead of social media’s:

“I think you just have to do and let them watch what you do because nothing you say is going to penetrate. You can’t say ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’ but if they watch you carry yourself in a certain way, I think that has an impact. I know this because Ryan, she goes to school with a lot of these social media young influencers, who show a lot of stuff, and she’s not that girl – and I have to say that I guess she’s not that girl because we’re not those people… It kind of sucks for her sometimes because in order to be popular and to be in that circle you’ve got to kind of do certain things, but she’s just somebody who’s never compromised her integrity. So, I’m really happy about that and I thank God for it.”

For Peete’s Sake airs on OWN tonight at 9pm EST. We’ll be tuning in.

PHOTO CREDIT: Sunny Norton 

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