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The Game‘s Instagram was a bit more lit than usual last night.

After having too much fun at the club, Game took to Instagram to profess his love for 50 Cent‘s Effen Vodka. Not only was it a bizarre post because of 50 and Game’s rocky history, but he also rambled on about how he was listening to Rihanna‘s infectious song “Work” in the club and how much he needs a verse from Jay Z.

Elsewhere in the post, Game also mentioned that he beat Odell Beckham Jrin a dance battle that night thanks to Chris Brown‘s coaching.

Game also wrote that he and 50 Cent used to be “as tight as Kehlani p*ssy.” And while he did go on to mention that he’s never actually slept with the Bay Area singer, Kehlani was still angry.

She later posted this to Instagram:

In other G-Unit news, Game posed for an Instagram picture with Lloyd Banks a few weeks back, patching up any remaining G-Unit drama between the two former group mates. If the Unit is making amends, can we please have a sequel to “Hate It Or Love It” now?

SOURCE: Instagram

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