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Every Sunday I wake up, lay around in bed, smoke something or two, drink my coffee and put on some music I can drift away to.

But what I also do as soon as I get onto my iPhone is go directly to Lupe Fiasco’s Twitter page to see if Philosophy Sunday has begun.

Often on Sunday mornings (or early afternoons) Lupe will host a Socratic seminar of sorts where he poses a series of thought-provoking questions to his followers and retweets certain responses for all of his followers to see.

Last week’s topic was particularly current-of-the-times with Lupe raising the topic of “political fear”. In this highly politicized environment, the intricacies of politics are on a lot of our minds. Last Sunday, Lupe directed the dialogue to an enlightened conversation about how fear plays a role in politics.

During an election year there is a lot of jargon and hype floating around in the media. Lupe’s session last Sunday stands out as enlightened conversation for the current political discourse.

Lupe started off #ps by introducing the topic as being about fear in politics and poses the first question to the floor asking:

We all hear that “money should be taken out of politics.” What about fear?”

He then goes on to clairfy the question even more, getting specific with:

“The question is: Which do you think plays a bigger role in politics fear or money?”

People instantly start tweeting Lupe with responses and Lupe starts sifting through the responses he wants for his followers to see including some of the following:

Next, Lupe guides the conversation more concentradedly on fear, saying:

“Good stuff. Let’s expand on the fear side.

Where does “the fear” come from? Is it newly created or does it pre-exist?”

Dope question. Tweeps responded with:

Lupe then expands the questions by asking:

“Is Political Fear valid?” 

Is it? The responses were divided:

Next Lupe almost ends the discussion with one intended final question:

Can you escape “Political Fear”? If so How? If not Why?  

Some lively responses came in including:

Lupe then concludes the discussion with one last question:

“Ah one more one more! Which party do you think is better at using “Political Fear”? And why?” 

The final responses came in:

The inspired conversation is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale political environment.

On behalf of all of us who look forward to #ps, thank you Lupe!

Check out Lupe’s Twitter on Sundays to get involved in the next conversation. With Lupe as the guide, it promises to be enlightened.

– Arielle London

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