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DJ Khaled is definitely the face of Snapchat and social media success everywhere.

The Miami-bred DJ/Producer has come a long way since his days as a radio host and DJ for Terror Squad. Now you can catch Khaled (who used to go by the name Arab Attack, but changed it after 9/11) on every television show from Ellen to Kimmel.

In 2006, Khaled started becoming a staple in urban radio for his club bangers that usually featured various artists on one track. Now in 2016, the Cloth Talk king is being managed by Jay Z and teaching Jimmy Kimmel how to use Snapchat. Talk about a glo’ up!

Check out these photos of DJ Khaled before he started dropping major keys as the King of Snapchat.


13 Photos Of DJ Khaled Before He Became The Snapchat King
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