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The stage is set for the release of the Miles Davis biopic that’ll premiere in theatres on April 1st. Don Cheadle, tasked with playing the legendary jazz musician, “went deep on the role, reading every book written about Davis and taking up boxing, a passion of the musician’s, even though there are only about two minutes of screen time when he actually needs it.”

“And I love you like Kanye loves Kanye.” That’s Kanye West, on a song titled “I Love Kanye,” telling the listener, how much Kanye loves Kanye. What if someone drew a picture of Kanye kissing Kanye inspired by Kanye’s song “I Love Kanye?” Well, you can see what that might look like right here.

Legacies can be fickle. Tonya Harding used to be an international figure skating superstar. That was before she tried to take out Nancy Kerrigan. Even though Tonya’s misdeed happened in 1994, she might be reliving that tale on the big screen. Reports out of Hollywood say Margot Robbie was attached as a possible to play as the skater.Though no details are available, it’s hard to think her twenty-two-year-old misdeed won’t make it on camera.


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