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Wiz Khalifa is in full-on daddy mode in the heartwarming new video for “Zoney.”

Unlike his previous videos that are chockk-full of weed, curvy women and partying, the visuals for “Zoney” offer up a softer, more introspective side of the 28-year-old rapper. The video starts with Wiz in his usual wake n’ bake setting on a balcony, followed by a few shots of Wiz enjoying a dip in his enormous pool.

The second half of the video is far more kid-friendly. Wiz also captures some father-and-son moments with his adorable 3-year-old son Sebastian. The pair enjoy playtime at the jungle gym, face painting and lots of laughs. Sebastian’s innocent voice can be heard on the track imitating his dad’s signature laugh. Oh, the feels! This is the second single from his February release Khalifa.

Check out the full video below: