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This could either be the best sleep ever, or just plain scary.

If you’re a renter with wanderlust who’s looking to add extra adrenaline to your travels, you can now stay in an underwater bedroom surrounded by 35 sharks.

The unbelievable Airbnb room is located in an aquarium in Paris and is being hosted by a Belgian free diver and shark enthusiast.

Your home for the night is unlike any other ever built: a peaceful enclosure with a large cylindrical bed and breathtaking, immersive views of your new sharp-toothed friends,” the Airbnb page reads.

Naturally, the price to dwell in these transparent walls for one night has to be astronomical, right? Actually, a stay for two can be yours for free. Yes, you read that correctly.

To win a free stay, you must submit a 50-550 word essay about “why you belong with the sharks for a night.” There are some restrictions, though. For example, no selfies after dark, due to the sharks’ sensitivity to light.

The deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. CET on April 3. Enter here.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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