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The impact of memes and hashtags is more apparent than ever. That said, it’s always uplifting to see a positive trend make the rounds on social media.

#MomentsInTransition gives transgender people an opportunity to share moments from their transition on social media. The hashtag was created by Canadian teenager Gabrielle Diana after she shared a post documenting her own transition on Instagram.

The 17-year-old spoke to Buzzfeed about the hashtag:

“In the trans community I’ve seen a lot of people always looking for what they WANT to be in the future, which is totally understandable,” Gabrielle said.

“I think it’s important to look back on defining moments in our transitions and really give ourself props, because it’s so important that we recognise our hard work and let it really be noticed.”

Now, other transgender social media users have followed suit and are sharing milestone moments from their journey on Twitter. It’s pretty inspiring:

How great is this? We love to see people owning and proudly proclaiming their true selves.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Twitter

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