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Kylie Jenner decided to take us on a stroll down memory lane on Snapchat, sharing some never-before-seen photos of her and boyfriend Tyga getting rather touchy.


As Kylie pans over the photos during one snap, she can be heard fawning over her boo, saying, “Why does T look so sexy and I look like s–t?” The LipKit creator also shared a throwback photo of herself (then a blonde) gushing over the car the “Rack City” rapper bought her as an 18th birthday gift.


The crazy in love couple also gave us a few moments wrapped in each other’s embrace while staring passionately into the camera. Seriously, not even Sears could have orchestrated such a catalogue-worthy photo.


There’s also a close up shot of the infamous Kylie tattoo on Tyga’s arm, which was a major topic of controversy during the latest season of Keeping Up With Kardashians. Don’t worry Kourtney…it doesn’t look like Kylie will be getting an ink tribute to Tyga anytime soon.

IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram, Snapchat, Tyga


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